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Buttoned up

I love buttons, especially vintage ones, and when I’m designing dresses, I always find a way to incorporate them—the bigger, the better. Buttons are sexy for what they conceal and reveal…and they definitely attract attention. When I saw these grey wedge boots, I knew I had to have that row of buttons running down my calf. Adorable!

Photo: Blue Magic Photography

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Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

“Are those really Little Red Riding Hood tights?”

People always ask me that when I wear these tights.  I bought them at Tutuanna in Tokyo, and they do depict Red Riding Hood walking through a meadow holding a picnic basket while a wolf lurks nearby, tongue hanging out. He doesn’t look terribly menacing. He could be her pet dog. But looking harmless is the job of big, bad wolves, isn’t it?

The fairy tale theme and the pixellated quality of the stitches remind me so much of the old King’s Quest video games.  The Perils of Rosella was my favourite!! If you know what I’m talking about, you’re my kind of nerd.

The Perils of Rosella

The Perils of Rosella

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Strange animal

When I was in Japan most recently I was seized w/ this intense desire for all things animal print.  Maybe it was because everywhere I went and in every store I browsed there was a dizzying array of zebra, leopard and girrafe print clothing and accessories.  There were animal print bags, scarves, shirts, hats, shoes…the list goes on and on.

I just about lost it when I saw a pair of purple, zebra print leggings.  So 80s!  I wanted them bad, but I controlled myself.

Then, a few days later I saw amazing white, skinny, zebra print jeans…even MORE 80s!  I told myself I’d never wear them.  I asked myself to come up w/ a reasonable place I would wear them…I couldn’t come up w/ anything.

So I settled on 2 pairs of leopard print tights, those you see above and another black pair w/ a leopard print pattern.   They’ll have to satisfy my animal desires…for now.

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Turn up the colour

When I dash out the door in my red stockings, I know it’s going to be a good night. It’s an exhibitionist’s colour, really. In these stockings, I feel like an enhanced version of myself—louder, funnier, more vivacious. Likewise, the ruffled heels are over three inches tall, and the extra height makes me feel bolder. Maybe I could even kiss someone without jumping! These are things you consider when you are 5’2″.

Watch out, boys.

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It’s a cool summer day…

…perfect for some white lace tights and little pink shoes. I need to dance!

white lace tights, pink shoes, ruffled dress hem
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